Improve your singing

Build your confidence

Grow your vocal range

Lose the stress and tension

Find your freedom

Dianne specializes in vocal music, providing singing training and coaching that has her students singing better, stronger, and with more freedom right away.  She works one-on-one with her students, identifying their particular strengths and areas of growth potential.

Freedom and Flexibility

At DC Vocal Music, students are free to choose what and how they study to improve their own voice, never put into a music school course, and lesson times are flexible,  scheduled at the student’s convenience, as frequently or infrequently as the singer wants. By focusing on the individual, our singers don’t feel bored or burdened by songs or elements of music study they don’t want to receive.

It’s all about YOU at DC Vocal Music.

You can bring your own music that you want to sing, and Dianne will help you find your best voice to bring that song to life.  Some of the things she can help you with are:

  • breathing – sounds simple, but it’s the engine that produces the beautiful music we make with our own voices. You may be surprised how much a difference the right breathing and posture can make.
  • resonance and proper vocal production – if you’ve ever felt hoarse or had a sore throat when you left a chorus rehearsal or karaoke session (or long car ride singing along with every tune on the radio), this may be what you need.
  • performance – building confidence, adding emotion and texture to your songs to connect with your audience and give a moving performance.
  • harmonizing / duets, quartets, ensembles, and choruses – how to do it well. Dianne also coaches groups and choruses.
  • music reading – if you love to sing but never took the time to learn more about the music on the page, individualized study in music theory is available



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